If you’re a fan of the classic 1960s-era Batman TV show starring Adam West, this has been a pretty exciting month. Not only is the entire show now available on Blu-Ray and DVD, but this week DC Comics released BATMAN ’66: THE LOST EPISODE #1, a special one-shot that’s a must have for fans. Based on an unused outline by acclaimed science fiction writer Harlan Ellison that would have introduced the villain Two-Face to the TV show’s continuity, Batman ’66: The Lost Episode has been brought to the comic page by a pair of true legends—writer Len Wein and artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. While we’ve been publishing comic books based on Batman ’66 for a while now, this is the closest we’ve ever come to bringing you a brand new episode of the show. We can’t count all of the ways this excites us, but there are plenty of other things about this great comic we can count.

Let’s break down Batman ’66: The Lost Episode…by the numbers!

Year Batman the character debuted: 1939

Year Batman the TV show debuted: 1966

Number of episodes that were shot: 120

Number of episodes that were “lost”: 1

Number of shows named Lost: 1

Number of pages in Batman ’66: The Lost Episode: 80

Number of panels: 172

Including writers and letterers, the number of artists who worked on the comic: 7

Number written works published by writer Harlan Ellison: Over 1,700 (and counting!)

Number of actors to play Catwoman on the Batman TV show: 2 (3 if you count Lee Meriwether, who played the role in the movie)

Number of actors to play Mr. Freeze: 3

Number of actors to play Two-Face: 0

Number of minutes we spent reading Batman ’66: The Lost Episode’s generous bonus content: Over 30 minutes

Number of times Robin starts an exclamation with the word “holy”: 6

Number times Two-Face’s famous coin lands on its edge: 2

Number of Two-Face’s henchmen who are named after the number two: 2

Not counting Two-Face’s name or the names of his henchmen, number of references to the number two in Batman ’66: The Lost Episode: 37 (including puns, adjectives and locations – at least we think it was 37, there are so many that we may have missed a few!)