These dark secrets require some deep contemplation.


Big night on Constantine!   Here are this week’s #DCTV Secrets you might be asking about:

  • A real Gaz?
  • What's another name for Hunger Demon?
  • Don't tell Nommo?


  1. The #DCTV Secrets of CONSTANTINE Episode 1 - "Pilot"
  2. The #DCTV Secrets of CONSTANTINE Episode 2 - "The Darkness Beneath"
  3. The #DCTV Secrets of CONSTANTINE Episode 3 - "The Devil's Vinyl"


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Don’t delve further into the dark arts if you want to stay spoiler free.  But you know you’re going to.  You’ve been warned.







Who is Gary Lester?

Also known as Gaz, Lester was a member of Mucous Membrane (see last week’s #DCTV Secrets for more on that).  Something of a dilettante when it comes to the occult, Lester is far less powerful than Constantine.  His lack of skill makes his life a living hell. 

He first appears in Hellblazer #1 & 2, collected in Hellblazer: Original Sins, in the classic storyline which inspired this episode. 


Does this Mnemoth make me look fat?

The hunger demon also appeared in the first Hellblazer story.  It generates an intense hunger in the humans it possesses, causing them to eat as much as they can get their hands on to feed the greedy spirit inside.  When not in possession of a person, Mnemoth travels through our world as a swarm of insects. Or one really big one


More Nommo, please.

Did you catch that character named Nommo and his reference to the Mist?  Who is that guy?

Don’t know?  Well, that’s why they’re called Secrets.

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