We’ve been so impressed with the people participating in #DCHostSearch that while our DC All Access Co-Host Search continues, we thought we’d spotlight a few of our favorite submissions.

We highlighted a brief clip from Laura-Rose Ford’s host search video last week on DC All Access, but we thought it was worth spotlighting the video in full. Yes, it’s what you’d call a “no-frills” entry. It’s just Laura-Rose talking to a camera. And yes, for those of us living in the USA, her accent can be thick. But listen to what she’s saying. Really listen. She’s talking about growing the comic reading community and making comics more accessible to potential readers. Her interest isn’t in writing or drawing comics—it’s in championing them and their fans (and she’s managed to do some real good in the process). It’s the heart of what DC All Access is all about, which makes this seemingly innocuous entry one of the best we’ve received. Of course, the blue hair doesn’t hurt, either. Check it out:

We’ll be back tomorrow with another spotlight video. Think you have what it takes to bring us the latest news and excitement from DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD? Well, there’s still time to submit a video! If you’d like to be considered as a potential host, click here for more info. To see more submission videos, be sure to click here.