Acclaimed fan-favorite writer GAIL SIMONE (SECRET SIX, BATGIRL) teams up with gifted artist JONATHAN DAVIS-HUNT (2000AD) for their first-ever Vertigo ongoing series.

CLEAN ROOM is a story of psychological terror, where your innermost secrets can be used against you.

Meet Astrid Mueller—A brilliant, charismatic speaker and the head of a new church that claims to be able to cure anyone's  deepest disorders through an expensive series of secretive therapy techniques.

Meet Chloe—A reporter whose photographer lover is brutally murdered while investigating a church that is run more like a high stakes PR firm. On the verge of suicide, Chloe finds the strength and determination to stay alive to find out the truth.

Astrid's secret weapon is a room only the very wealthy or very dangerous ever get to see-- the CLEAN ROOM, a hermetically sealed and biologically impervious high-tech chamber below the church's main offices, in Chicago. Some do not survive the process and no one leaves unchanged.

CLEAN ROOM is a mind-altering series where readers will get a look inside the most dangerous room on Earth, and experience exorcism gone digital.Take a look at the gallery above for highlights from the Vertigo panel at NYCC!

Cover by Jenny Frison.  Look for CLEAN ROOM in Spring 2015!