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Three Reasons to Read The Flash: Season Zero

Three Reasons to Read The Flash: Season Zero

By Tim Beedle Monday, September 8th, 2014

If you’ve turned on your TV, fired up your phone, tablet or computer, or looked at any billboards over the past few weeks, you probably know that The Flash is coming to The CW on October 7th.

That’s when he’s debuting on TV sure enough, but this unique new interpretation of the Fastest Man Alive actually premieres much earlier. Today, in fact. No, you didn’t forget to set your DVR. We’re talking about the first chapter of the brand new digital first series The Flash: Season Zero.

Releasing digitally every other Monday, The Flash: Season Zero ties directly in with the new upcoming show. The first chapter is now available, and at 99 cents a download, we expect it to—ahem—go fast. However, if you need a few reasons why this new series is worth your time, do read on…

It’s written by the same people writing the show.

They’re not kidding when they call it Season Zero, friends. Much like the popular Smallville and Arrow: Season 2.5 digital first comic, The Flash: Season Zero is creatively driven by the same people working on the show. And when we say “creatively driven,” we mean that. Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg is co-writing it along with Brooke Eikmeier and Katherine Walczak, who are both on The Flash’s writing staff. You don’t get more true to the show than that.

With this team of writers behind the wheel, The Flash: Season Zero feels like the upcoming series, so for fans who can’t wait to dive into Barry’s small screen world, this is your chance. However, the series has a look that’s all its own, largely due to our second reason for reading.

It’s drawn by the ridiculously talented Phil Hester.

If you know Phil Hester’s work, you’re likely savoring his cool take on Central City as you’re reading this (multitasking, yo!). But if you don’t know his work, there’s no better time to become acquainted. Sleek and stylish, but not without depth, Phil’s work strikes the perfect balance between lightness and grit, often playing with color and negative space in interesting ways. That makes it perfect for a character like the Flash, who defuses serious threats with humor.

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In short, The Flash: Season Zero is every bit the feast for your eyes that the TV show is, and then some. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…

It expands on the stories, characters and themes of the show in ways that are only possible in comics.

With a creative team that’s closely involved with the show, it’s a given that the comic and show will intersect, and while both are perfectly enjoyable on their own, they do complement each other. The Flash: Season Zero takes place between the pilot episode and later episodes of the season, while Barry is still getting used to his powers and discovering the extent to which Central City has been affected by the explosion which gave him his abilities. He’s still getting used to the change it’s brought to his relationship with the Wests, as well as Iris’s new romance with Detective Eddie Thawne. That’s rich stuff to mine as far as characterization goes, but the comic also offers something the small screen can’t provide—a scale and budget limited only by the imagination. Powers and abilities that may be hard to portray on TV can come to life on the page, in a way that stays fully true to the series.

So, ready to race off to your nearest comic shop? There’s no need. Like we said, this is a digital first series, so all you need to do to download the first chapter is to click here. You’re seconds away from diving into what’s sure to be one of fall’s big hits. However, if you prefer to read your comics in print, we have you covered there as well, provided you don’t mind being a little patient. Look for the print edition of The Flash: Season Zero #1 on the comic shop stands on October 1st.