Whether you get your news through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or your RSS feed (though if it’s the latter, it’s time to get out of 2004, dude), you’ve likely heard about the all new Teen Titans ongoing that debuts today with TEEN TITANS #1. Written by Will Pfeifer (@willpfeifer) and illustrated by the amazing Kenneth Rocafort (@Mitografia), it’s an of-the-moment take on the classic teen team featuring a tweaked lineup, new villain and a storyline informed by today’s climate of social media, smartphones and life lived 140 characters at a time.

We know you’re going to be talking about it, and since much of that discussion will fittingly take place on Twitter, we thought we’d offer up a few hashtags to help you spread the word. Here are five tags you may want to use when tweeting about the Titans.


As we mentioned above, this Titans team features a new lineup, and this tried and true catchphrase seems like the perfect tag to represent it. Gone, at least for now, are Superboy and Kid Flash. Instead, the core team is now made up of Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Bunker and Raven. If these guys really existed, who wouldn’t want to be Facebook friends with them?




One thing that becomes very apparent when reading the new series is that these Titans really take a harder approach when it comes to fighting evil than some of their contemporaries. While they don’t set out to use lethal force, they don’t seem to worry too much about the health of their enemies after, say, throwing them off the roof of a moving vehicle. When the lives of innocents are on the line with only a matter of seconds to save them, “do what you have to do” seems to be the order of the day, as Wonder Girl and Red Robin demonstrate in a startling sequence.


Teen Titans #1 centers on a plot to hijack a school bus full of children and seemingly drive it full throttle through Manhattan straight into S.T.A.R. Labs. One can’t help but be reminded of a certain singularly titled movie that left audiences as well as its star shouting “Whoa!” But movie stars are nowhere to be found here and would only get in the way as the Teen Titans work together to thrillingly defuse the situation.




The mastermind behind the school bus scheme is a mysterious and as-yet-unnamed female figure who is only glimpsed under a hood and full face mask. We know nothing about her other than that she seems to have a history with S.T.A.R. Labs and it doesn’t seem to be a happy one. Also, she’s capable of—Well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it? Suffice it to say that as of right now, this monster is a mystery.




A famous frog once said that it’s not easy being green. But it sure is AWESOME! At least it is when we’re talking about our beloved Beast Boy, who has returned to his familiar emerald hue.  For fans who weren’t happy about Gar’s recent red makeover, they’ll now be able to post Instagram photos of him in glorious green, #nofilter.




There you go, five suggested hashtags. But you certainly shouldn’t feel limited by our list! After all, these young heroes aren’t ones for following the rules. Be sure to check out Teen Titans #1, and let us know which hashtags you’ll be using when tweeting about the Titans down below!