This week on DC All Access, we go to Infinity and Beyond!

Oh, and Constantine. We go there too. And to the world of Vertigo Comics to introduce a brand new series. And of course we spend plenty of time around the DC Comics office, so really, our LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham segment and our Infinity Man and the Forever People bit are just the surface of what’s shaping up to be our most exciting episode yet!

We begin today’s all-new episode by talking to LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham director Arthur Parsons about the gameplay, and getting an exclusive look at the demo they’ll be showing off this week at E3. After that, we head to New York for a chat with John Constantine himself, Matt Ryan, about what we can expect from NBC’s upcoming Constantine series. Finally, we land in the world of awesome new comics for a talk with Dan DiDio about Infinity Man and the Forever People before we shine the spotlight on Peter Milligan who announces his brand new Vertigo comic with Leandro Fernandez, The Names.

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