With all of the action and explosive twists the writers of The New 52: Futures End have managed to squeeze into the comic’s first two issues, it’s almost surprising to realize that the book’s only on its second issue. (Second as far as numbering goes, at any rate. The Free Comic Book Day installment was a zero issue!) However, that’s precisely where we are. Today, THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #2 hits stores, and brings with it a marked change of tone for the series. While the first two chapters were nonstop action, issue #2 slows down a bit, giving us a look at the aftermath of issue #1 startling ending. Heroes gather to mourn the loss of one of their own, and we’re introduced to other popular characters who may be playing a key role in this exciting weekly.

To help get a sense of how we got here, and where Futures End may be going, we spoke with Dan Jurgens, who is the only creator to serve as both part of the writing AND art team. Here’s what he had to say…

Cover art for The New 52: Futures End #2 (art by Ryan Sook)

Dan, how did you get involved with Futures End? It’s quite a project!

Dan DiDio called me up—probably right around this time last year—and asked if I had any interest in working on a “statement weekly”. I asked what “statement weekly” meant and he talked about his desire to do a weekly book that addresses any number of questions about the DCU as well as who we are as a society. Hard to say no to that!

The series is just getting started and we’ve already seen some amazing twists. Is everything fair game here? And do we need to be worried about our favorite heroes?

One of the reasons we set the story five years in the future is that it really opens up any number of story ideas that would be harder to do with a story set in the present.

So, yeah, everything is fair game. We’re really going places with this and the sky is the limit. And a fair amount of worry is probably warranted.

So how has the experience of working with a writing team been? And has it been fun getting a chance to work with Keith Giffen again?

Keith has so many “out there” ideas that he’s always fun to work with. On a project of this scale, that kind of creativity is magic. It’s also been fun to get to work with Jeff Lemire and Brian Azzarello. I’m a longtime admirer of Brian’s work and have enjoyed seeing Jeff grow as a major writer for DC.

On an additional creative note, Ryan Sook has made incredible contributions to the feel of this story through his character and set design skills, and truly amazing covers.

Well, also on the subject of get-togethers and reunions, have you enjoyed getting another chance to write Booster Gold? How big of a role in the story does he play?

It’s always fun to get to work on Booster again.  As for his role in the story—that’s top secret stuff right now!

Interior spread from The New 52: Futures End #2 (art by Jesus Merino, Dan Green and Hi-Fi)

You’re also a part of the Futures End art team. Do you know how many issues you’ll be drawing?

Whew! So far I’ve only drawn issue #3. I had hoped to be doing quite a lot more but the nature of a weekly makes it very difficult, particularly as we prepare for those September  “Five Years Later” individual titles.

In addition to Futures End, you’re also writing Aquaman and the Others, which has already made reference to the events in Futures End. Will the events in Futures End also affect Aquaman and the Others?

That takes us down the path of our September books. Yes, it’s safe to say there will be definite repercussions!

Finally, for any fans out there who may be on the fence about picking up another weekly comic, why should they check out Futures End?

Whenever I’m asked that kind of question, I always say that the fan’s interest has to be built around the story. We need to engage them in the lives of our characters and direction of the book itself. I believe Futures End has an amazing cast of characters set in a truly interesting world. They’ll get to see these characters progress through truly significant life events. That’s huge.

On top of that, the story itself will carry the DCU to a level that readers will definitely want to be in on.