This is the fourth and final in a series of posts designed specifically to help DC Comics fans who are completely new to MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) get started on Infinite Crisis, DC Entertainment’s brand new, free-to-play online game. Click here for part one, part two and part three of the series.


We’re now on the last day of “Five Days of Infinite Crisis,” and if you’ve been following along with us since the beginning, you’ve hopefully picked up a good general understanding of MOBA fundamentals. Actually, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you’ve signed up for the open beta and are already winning battles and gaining experience. But whether you are or not, we think it’s worth looking at artifacts before we wrap up.

Artifacts are objects that boost your character’s stats within Infinite Crisis, making them a lot tougher. But how do you get them?

It Comes Down to Credits

You gain credits by securing objectives on the map (such as capture points) and defeating opponents—both enemy champions and drones.  You can then spend those credits on artifacts. This short tutorial video will give you an idea of how credits work.

Effectively gaining and spending credits is a key part of becoming a formidable MOBA player. While the champions are all strong in their own way, they each have weaknesses as well, and artifacts can be an effective way of overcoming those weaknesses.

Artifacts: Power in Your Pocket

As a Protector in the Multiverse, your champion has been given the ability to summon the most powerful DC Comics artifacts out of space and time and use them in combat. Artifacts are summoned in Infinite Crisis through the use of the Artifact Foundry (which you can see in the above image). Here’s how the Foundry works…

Each artifact enhances the stats on your champion, but not in the same way. In Infinite Crisis, there are three categories of artifacts. Understanding these categories will help you decide which artifacts to choose.

Power Artifacts

These enhance the skills (the abilities you activate by pressing the Q, W, E and R keys) on most Blaster, Enforcer and Controller characters. Power artifacts are blue in the Artifact Foundry.

Health Artifacts

Health Artifacts make you more durable, allowing you to last longer in combat. If you’re playing as an Enforcer or Bruiser, you’re going to want to stock up on Health Artifacts. Possibly if you’re playing a Controller as well. These artifacts are green.

Attack Artifacts

Much as the name implies, these artifacts make your attacks more damaging. Any champion can make use of them, but they’re primarily designed for Marksmen and Assassins. Attack Artifacts are red in the Foundry.

Choose Well and Use Well

All artifacts are not created equal, so make sure you choose yours carefully, keeping in mind the limitations of your champion. Also, some artifacts possess special abilities which can be activated to give your champion an additional boost. Some examples of these include Fatality’s Energy Lance, Neron’s Contract and Deathstroke’s Claymore, which you can see above.

In short, there’s much you can do to give your champion a little extra help on the battlefield, so take the time to load up once you’ve earned enough credits.

If you’d like to learn more about MOBA fundamentals, we suggest checking out the “Getting Started” section on the Infinite Crisis website:

To sign up and start playing now: