DC All Access is back with another all-new episode. This week we’re hitting the mean streets of Starling City for an on-set interview with David Ramsey and other members of the cast.

You know, maybe we should’ve chosen a week when the Suicide Squad wasn’t running rampant. (Let’s hope Tiffany’s perfected those ninja skills of hers.) Assuming we survive, we’ll also be talking to Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner about their hit series, Harley Quinn, sitting down with Dan Jurgens for some inside info on the first issue of Aquaman and the Others, and getting a once-in-a-lifetime art lesson from none other than Cliff Chiang. Check it out!

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So how good of an archer is Stephen Amell anyhow? Find out in our exclusive interview:

Tiffany thinks back to Batman: The Animated Series and the original Harley Quinn:

Jeff Parker lets us know what’s coming up in the OTHER Aquaman comic:

Discover Cliff Chiang’s earlier DC Comics projects: