More choices await readers as we enter Week 5 of BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS – A DCMULTIVERSE GRAPHIC NOVEL. Batman’s confrontation with the mysterious Ratcatcher leaves the Dark Knight overwhelmed by a horde of his adversary’s obedient vermin. Will he overcome this plague? Meanwhile, a deadly confrontation with Branden’s swat team provides Batman with clues for two locations to investigate, one of which will take him to a rendezvous between Gotham’s rival crime bosses. Yet another path finds Batman locked in mortal combat with the massive Humphrey Dumpler. And finally, take a highflying ride through the skies of Gotham on board the Batwing as Batman tries to escape from the GCPD.

Motion and sound allow readers to experience this exciting prequel to the hit video game from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, in a way that’s unique to comics. Just be careful which way you choose to go; one of the paths will lead you to a fatal dead end.

The series is available on the BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS app powered by Madefire. Download the app here!