DC All Access, the weekly webseries that takes you deep into the world of DC Entertainment, returns with brand new episodes next week. While we await the show’s return, we thought it would be fun to look back at some top DC All Access moments from 2013. Join us each day as we highlight some of DC All Access’s best moments—as chosen by you, the fans!

While we’ve all visited the Batcave many times in print and on film, Blair can now brag about having visited one in real life. In a bonus clip that accompanied the eighth episode of DC All Access, Blair introduced us to a Bat-fan who built a hidden, Batcave-themed home theater underneath his house. And what a theater! Between its cutting edge audiovisual equipment, its multi-screened command center and its two rows of reclining seats, we’re starting to get a sense why Bruce Wayne spends so much time in his cave.

You can watch the bonus clip below.

Or to enjoy DC All Access Episode 8, which gave us our first look at the Batcave, click here.

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