A few months ago, we updated DCComics.com’s homepage, video section and navigation. Well, as a few of you may have noticed, this week the rest of the site finally caught up.

On Monday, we gave the Characters, Comics, Movies, TV and Games sections a new coat of paint. Why? Well, we work in a visual medium and we felt we could take advantage of that a lot better, and we feel our new widescreen galleries accomplish this. However, that’s just the beginning. We’ve also expanded the character info section, and have added playlists and recent activity areas to the bottom of many of our pages. So now, if you’re interested in a current or upcoming DC Entertainment project (like, say, Arrow or Infinite Crisis), just click on that page and you’ll find all of the recent videos and blog posts that are relevant to that project. It’s the same with characters. If you want to discover all of the recent Superman-related activity on the site, just click on Superman’s character page. It’s all at the bottom.

There are other updates as well. Our Comics page has been given a facelift, and it’s now easier than ever to click on a single current series. If you want to dive deeper into released and upcoming issues of just Green Lantern, All-Star Western, the brand new Justice League 3000 or any other DC comic, just click on the series link.

We designed these recent updates to better show off our comics and other projects while allowing you to more effectively find the information you’re interested in, but they were shaped by feedback we received from you. As always, DCComics.com is continuing to evolve, and there are even more great changes on their way. But for now, enjoy these new features and feel free to let us know your thoughts below!