It's a good time to be bad. Not only because today's Halloween—the day ghouls and goblins, monsters and monsterettes get to roam the streets in search of sweet, sweet candy goodness—but also because in the world of DC Comics, bad guys are pretty much reigning supreme right now.

Last Friday marked the release of Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics—a documentary exploring the history of DC Comics villains as told by the some of the comic industry's greatest creators and narrated by Saruman himself, Christopher Lee. But even beyond that, with Forever Evil, the good guys are gone and bad guys have taken over. And now that they're in control of everything, we totally have to say, the bad guys are much awesomer than the good guys.

Yup. And it's not like we are currently in the company of a number of notorious DCU villains that are standing over our shoulders as we write this. Nope. That is most definitely not a thing that's happening right now.

So, since we're writing this entirely of our own free will, let's get right to it with 5.2 Reasons Bad Guys are Cooler than Good Guys!


1. Heroes are Lame

Let's face it: Superman's too much of a goody-goody, Batman's bananas, and Wonder Woman has parental issues. Plus, they're always so predictable. They'll strive to the do the right thing and save the day and help people. You know who isn't predictable? The Joker. Who knows what that guy will do? One minute he's standing right next to you laughing at what you're writing and the next he could stab you in the face.

2. Evil is Relative

And what constitutes the "right thing" anyway? Who are the heroes to say they have everyone's best interests at heart? Sure a lot of villains want to take over the world, but maybe it's because they'd make it all better. Free will is totally overrated, you know?


3. Lex Luthor

Perfect example of some that's looking out for humanity. As we stated before, Superman's totally a menace.

4. Pays to be Bad

Sure Batman is a bazillionaire, but most superheroes don't get paid for being heroes. When you're a villain, you get paid... as in, you get a cut of the money you helped steal. Clark Kent would have to work for a year to make the kind of money that the Rogues earn for one heist. Just saying.

Utterly Complex

A good villain isn't bad to be bad, either. A good villain should be a very complex character, to the point that you can almost see where they're coming from. It's what makes them somewhat relatable. That's what makes them interesting, because deep down, we can see some of it inside of ourselves.


5.1 Sinestro

Just cause he's pretty dang awesome and a perfect example of a great villain. And his name starts with an S, which for some reason feels very in line with the message we're trying to send.

5.2 !

Whoops. We meant to write Shazam! Uh, not cause we were calling for his help, but because, um, Black Adam, who is also a great villain, also says it. Yeah. That's it.


So there you have it. You should definitely pay attention to those 5.2 Reasons. There's a really, really important message in there. Anyway, don't forget to check out Necessary Evil, available now on Blu-Ray/DVD, and don't forget to have a very Happy Halloween!