Welcome to our final week of “25 Days of Sandman.” Over the past four weeks (we’ve been taking the weekends off), we’ve revisited past storylines, given you your first look at the upcoming Overture statue, offered up some memorable quotes from the series, featured a guest blog from one of the "DC All Access" hosts and even heard from some of the acclaimed artists who worked on the original series. Now we’re only two days away from the first new Sandman story to see print in ten years and The Sandman’s first serialized comic book since the original ended in 1996. We’re as excited as all of you, and it’s safe to say that we’ll be talking a lot about The Sandman: Overture #1 as the week goes on.

But first, we thought we’d have a little fun. A week ago, we announced that we’d be giving away two sets of the full Sandman Omnibus. All fans needed to do to win them was take and tweet a picture of their best “Sandman hair.” Something like this…

Well, hairspray companies must be scratching their heads over an inexplicable spike in sales last week because you guys responded with some great photos and some unbelievable hair. Seriously, it was hard to choose. Several of you went all out with makeup and costumes. But in the end, this contest was about the hair and so that’s what we looked at, and our two winners…

Well, we think their hair speaks for itself.

Gina G.
San Jose, CA


Shane A.
Westerville, OH

Thanks to all who entered for helping us keep the Dream alive this Halloween week. And congrats to our winners. Thanks for really letting your hair down! Er…up? Well, just congrats!