Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #2 and SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 SPECIAL #3!

The epic crossover event “Lights Out” concludes in GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #2! The universe is on the brink of destruction and Relic is intent on destroying every Lantern to break through the Source Wall. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner would sacrifice everything to stop him. Will stopping Relic bring about the end of the universe? Or is there a way to prevent him? And what will become of White Lantern, Kyle Rayner? Written by Robert Venditti and illustrated by Sean Chen, GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #2 will change the Green Lantern universe forever. Look for the issue when it flies into stores on Wednesday.

And in “Hollow”, Tess Mercer struggles with her new digital life. Does she dream? Is she angry? Is her obsession for revenge a symptom of having been inside Lex Luthor’s brain? In this special one-shot, readers will see her becoming the hero Metropolis needs her to be. SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 SPECIAL #3, written by Bryan Q. Miller and illustrated by Beni Lobel, hits the spinner rack this Wednesday.