First Look at BATMAN AND TWO-FACE #25

First Look at BATMAN AND TWO-FACE #25

By Alex Nagorski Monday, October 28th, 2013

This month, BATMAN AND TWO-FACE launched an exciting new story arc in issue #24.

In November’s issue #25, Erin McKillen turns to her childhood friend, Bruce Wayne, to protect her from the wrath of Two-Face. Having been the person who scarred Harvey Dent, McKillen fears that her life is danger.

But what happened between McKillen and Dent that caused her to lash out in such a physical and permanent way? And how will Two-Face react to McKillen’s resurfacing in his life? As more flashback sequences will reveal, the truth may be hidden somewhere in the story of McKillen’s family. But can Batman help McKillen before this web becomes even more tangled and more blood is shed?

In the gallery above, take a first look at Patrick Gleason’s interior art for BATMAN AND TWO-FACE #25, and be sure to pick up a copy of the issue when it lands in stores on November 20.