Halloween is just over two weeks away, so we thought we’d kick off the celebration early with a special edition of Caption This!

As we get closer to October 31st, the Halloween party invites start rolling in, and our heroes and villains aren’t ones to object to a little costume-clad fun. But what happens when they don’t let their friends in on what they’ll be wearing? Well, you wind up with slightly awkward moments like this…

Whoops! That’s our New 52 Flash action figure (which you can get as a part of our New 52 7-pack), along with Johnny Quick from the Crime Syndicate and the Earth 2 Flash (which will be arriving next year). Of course, you couldn’t be blamed for mistaking them all for Hal Jordan.

As far as we’re concerned, you can never have too many Green Lanterns. But we’re more interested in what the Flashes have to say about this little mix-up. Just write your best caption for our Halloween party image in the comments field below. Then “like” your favorite captions so they rise to the top of the list. Have fun and remember, this Halloween, no evil—or misguided costume choice—will escape our sight!