We have one more week of villainy to go, and while we may not know how Villains Month will end, we do know one thing for certain—it’s gotten everyone talking! From discussions over which Villains Month comics are your favorites to questions about where the Justice League may be to speculation on what the Crime Syndicate may have in store for all of us, the conversation has been lively and continuous. And it’s not just our fans who have spoken up, our local comic shop retailers have as well. Here’s just a bit of what they’ve had to say about Villains Month…

“Thanks to Villains Month it will be our best September sales month ever, even surpassing that of the launch of The New 52.”

Laughing Ogre Comics
Lansdowne, VA, Fairfax, VA, and Columbus, OH

“As predicted, DC's Villains Month has been a huge hit. Many plan to showcase some of the comic covers in frames on their walls at work and at home. In addition, we're finally getting origin stories for some of our favorite characters. Hopefully, these terrific covers will attract new readers ready to join in the love affair many of us have long enjoyed with these characters and their wonderful stories.”

Night Flight Comics
Salt Lake City, UT

“The 3D covers for Villains Month has increased excitement for comics again. We have had a line outside before we open on Wednesdays, which we have not seen since the #1's of The New 52. Despite the allocations, our sales have increased over last year September considerably.”

Buy Me Toys
Mishawaka, IN

Villains may be bad guys, but it’s clear they equal a good time. Thanks for joining in the fun and making Villains Month a resounding success. If you’re unsure where your nearest comic book shop may be, you can find the store closest to you by visiting www.comicshoplocator.com.