Talking JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #8 with Matt Kindt

Talking JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #8 with Matt Kindt

By Alex Nagorski Friday, September 13th, 2013

Following the shocking events of “Trinity War,” the Justice League of America is presumed dead.

Starting next month, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA will shine a spotlight on two surviving characters: Martian Manhunter and Stargirl. From writer Matt Kindt and artists Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy, the new 6-issue arc kicks off with issue #8.

“It's about Stargirl and Manhunter and what makes them tick. And then sort of drawing them together in a crazy sort of road trip,” Kindt explained to NEWSARAMA about his arc. “They're traveling across the country and the world has ended. In a way, it's like a post-apocalypse with all the villains having taken over. And then these two characters are running across the world trying to make things better and save the day and figure out what happened. So yeah, instead of being a big team book, it's going to be showing the aftermath then showing what happened to the rest of the team. And then how these two escaped, and how they have to work together.”

As for why Kindt was interested in transitioning from focusing on Martian Manhunter in the series’ back-up stories to its main story?

“Manhunter is experienced. He's overpowered -- like Superman but stronger. He comes with this idea that he can do anything or solve anything, and he's also got this zen side to him,” the writer told COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. “I also found this weird element in him where he's vulnerable to fire. He really shouldn't be. There's no physical reason why fire would ever hurt him. But he's scared of it, and he's damaged in a lot of ways because of the history he has with his planet and the death of his homeworld. That gives him a weakness. It's not like he has Kryptonite. Fire is like his Kryptonite, but it can't really hurt him. His flaw is a mental one, and that's the most interesting thing to me. It also makes him different to me -- a weakness brought about by his backstory. So he comes into this as the wizened, damaged character who has gotten some of his powers stripped from him because of what's happened. When we see him in this story, he's sort of half-powered and doesn't have everything he usually does. He still feels like he's invulnerable, but he's actually weaker. That sort of messes with his mind.”

In the gallery above, take a first look at JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #8 by checking out Ken Lashley’s cover for the issue and an interior spread by Doug Mahnke. And for more from Kindt about Manhunter, Stargirl, and what to expect from JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, head on over to MTV GEEK, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES, NEWSARAMA, COMIC VINE, and GAMMA SQUAD to read the full interviews with the writer that hit the web today.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #8 flies into stores on October 16.