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Ask DC Collectibles: Batman Black & White

Ask DC Collectibles: Batman Black & White

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Welcome back to another edition of Ask DC Collectibles! This month Kevin, Jim and the whole team are celebrating the 50th statue in the bestselling Batman: Black and White line by Sean Murphy. In honor of that milestone, we asked you to ask us about this long running DC Collectibles statue line.

You responded with a bunch of great suggestions as to which artists should be next in line for a Batman Black & White statue. All great choices and to find out which statues are coming next, be sure to keep an eye on the DC Collectibles Facebook page in mid-February as we make our NY Toy Fair announcements.  Some of your suggestions may already be in the process of being sculpted!

The topic of villains and supporting Bat Family characters came up a couple of times.  We have dabbled in the villain world a few times (Catwoman, Penguin, Man-Bat, Bane, etc.) but have focused mainly on Batman to allow for a better comparison of artists’ styles. But hearing from so many fans who like their bad guys in black and white does make us willing to explore our non-Batman side just a little bit more. Take a look at the upcoming Bruce Timm Harley coming out in mid 2014 for an example…

Some of you mentioned reissuing older statues. We’ve done this before with a few of the early statues that are now harder to get (Mike Mignola, Kelley Jones, Frank Miller, etc.). But in order to maintain the uniqueness of the original release, we always change something in the second version. Sometimes it’s a chest emblem switch and sometimes it’s a swapping of the base colors.  As we continue the line, we hope to release more versions of our bestsellers.

Derrick Lau smartly asks, “Will there be any connections between the line and the new miniseries?” Since this line was originally spun off from the earlier Black & White comics, there is no way we could overlook the amazing new work being done in the upcoming Batman Black & White series. Look out for our 2015 statue line announcements to see which versions get sculpted.

And now for the big question and our big announcement… Many of you asked about the lack of numbering on our current Batman Black & White statues. We are happy to announce that starting with Nicola Scott’s Batman in January of 2014, Batman Black & White statues will again be numbered. A maximum of 5200 statues will be produced for each artist series and will only be reissued with changes to the figure and base.

Finally, as requested, here is the complete list of Batman Black & Whites as released by DC Direct/DC Collectibles. And check back next Wednesday for a video celebration for the entire line right here on!


1. Batman Eduardo Risso
2. Batman Simon Bisley
3. Batman Tim Sale
4. Batman Brian Bolland
5. Batman Joe Kubert


6. Batman Mike Mignola
7. Batman Steve Rude
8. Batman Kelly Jones
9. Batman Paul Pope


10. Batman Matt Wagner
11. Batman Alex Ross
12. Batman Jim Lee
13. Batman Andy Kubert
14. Batman Frank Miller


15. Batman Bob Kane
16. Batman: Gotham Knight
17. Batman Neal Adams
18. Batman George Perez
19. Batman Jim Aparo


20. Batman Ethan Van Sciver
21. The Joker Jim Lee
22. Batman: Gotham Knight 2
23. Batman Bruce Timm
24. Penguin Brian Bolland
25. Batman David Mazzucchelli
26. Batman Ed McGuinness


27. Batman Lee Bermejo
28. Batman Marshall Rogers
29. Batman Frank Quitely
30. Catwoman Steve Rude
31. Man-Bat Neal Adams
32. Batman Tony Daniel
33. The Joker Lee Bermejo


34. Batman David Finch
35. Batman Dustin Nguyen
36. Batman Arkham Asylum
37. Batman Cliff Chiang
38. Batman Patrick Gleason


39. Batman Sergio Aragones (MAD)
Batman Mike Mignola Second Edition
40. Batman Sam Keith
41. Batman Jim Lee (New 52)
42. Batman Darwyn Cooke
43. Batman Jock (Dick Grayson)
44. The Joker Brian Bolland
Batman Kelly Jones Second Edition
45. Bane Kelly Jones
46. Batman Beyond Dusten Nguyen
Batman Frank Miller Second Edition


47. Batman Sean "Cheeks" Galloway
48. Batman Michael Allred
49. Batman Rafael Grampa
50. Batman Sean Murphy
51. Batman Greg Capullo
52. The Joker Greg Capullo
53. Batman Arkham Origins


54. Batman Earth 2 Nicola Scott
55. Batman Gary Frank
56. Harley Quinn Bruce Timm

and more to come…

An early look at statues #57 and #58? (Let's hope not...)