Hey there, DC Comics fans! The weekend and the summer heat are upon us, and it’s time for another fan-driven look back at the week that was.

But first, can we just say…. Whoa!

While Man of Steel is still packing in moviegoers worldwide and #clarkkenting is still the rage on Twitter, this was actually a startlingly big week for DC comic books. Along with the release of Batman/Superman #1, this week saw three different Justice League comic books hit the stands, all leading into next month’s epic Trinity War crossover. On the collections front, we released the first two beautiful deluxe hardcover trades for Before Watchmen. And speaking of collections, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that our brand new ongoing comic of avaricious awesomeness also saw its debut. Yes, LARFLEEZE #1 hit the stands and it seems like plenty of you claimed your copy this week. Only, you might not want to refer to it as yours when Larfleeze is around.

Here is this week’s review…