We all know that the Court of Owls serve as some of Gotham City’s oldest and darkest foes. And this September during Villains Month, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at just how involved with Gotham’s history they’ve really been.

Showing off Talons in various decades of the Court of Owls’ history, this unique one-shot will act as a timeline of sorts that showcases just how the Court has evolved throughout the years. You’ll also get your first glimpse at a new character who has not only shaped much of the Court’s past, but will be an instrumental player in the coming months. This is a villain who thrives on organization, so how can he operate when the world around him has turned to chaos?

Above, get your first look at artist Jorge Lucas’ designs for the Talon being featured in the 1894 section of this issue.

See you next week!