Welcome to this week’s installment of Tuesday Roundup, our weekly feature giving you a look inside all of your favorite DC Entertainment comic books hitting the spinner rack this Wednesday.

This week is all about new beginnings and epic conclusions. GREEN LANTERN #20, of course, marks the end of Geoff Johns’ legendary run on this New York Times bestselling title. After nearly a decade charting the adventures of Hal Jordan and friends, Johns goes out with a bang in the explosive finale to the “Wrath of the First Lantern” arc. Also this week, Johns teams up with guest artists Gene Ha, Andres Guinaldo, Joe Prado and Rob Hunter for JUSTICE LEAGUE #20, as the League faces off against the alien menace Despero in this prologue to the summer’s “Trinity War” crossover event. And speaking of guest artists, you won’t want to miss Aaron Kuder’s jaw-droppingly awesome art in SUPERMAN #20!

Meanwhile, in BATMAN INCORPORATED #11, regular artist and guest-writer Chris Burnham gives us a look at the gritty streets of Tokyo through the eyes of the Batman of Japan. Over in Keystone City, events are moving so fast that not even Barry Allen can keep up. Something is claiming the lives of those who’ve been touched by the Speed Force, and The Flash is in a race against time to unlock this mystery before someone else turns up dead! Don’t miss the start of Reverse-Flash’s game-changing arc in the pages of THE FLASH #20!

All that and the launch of THE GREEN TEAM: TEEN TRILLIONAIRES, a new member of The Others is introduced in the John Ostrander-penned AQUAMAN #20, plus new issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, ALL-STAR WESTERN, TALON, THE UNWRITTEN and many more.

Here are the DC Entertainment previews that hit the web this past week …

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