A few weeks ago, we gave you a first look at the new Batman of Earth 2. So far, we know this mysterious character will be making his debut in EARTH 2 ANNUAL #1 – but who is he? And why does he pick up the cape and cowl of The Dark Knight?

"He's a huge part of 'Earth 2,' he's going to be a huge part of the DC Universe, and everything he does from the Annual onward will have huge implications for the DC Universe,” series writer James Robinson recently teased to MTV GEEK. “This isn't some new person coming in to be Batman. This is definitely a part of Batman lore.”

Place your bets in the comments section below about who you think the new Batman of Earth 2 might be. Then check out the gallery above for a sneak peek at some of CAFU's stunning interior artwork for EARTH 2 ANNUAL #1, and don't forget to pick up the issue when it lands in stores on May 29!