It’s the day none of you have been waiting for – the latest issue of MAD is available on stands!

Available today, MAD #521 featuring a satire of Game of Thrones. According to MAD editor John Ficarra, the satire’s release was deliberately timed to coincide with the HBO’s series new season. “The fact that the satire will probably ruin the viewing experience of the hit show for many people is unfortunate but unavoidable,” said Ficarra. Head on over to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY and YAHOO! TV to check out their exclusive coverage of this parody.

Also in the issue is the long-awaited third installment to “The MAD Guide to Man Boobs.” Written by Ryan Pagelow and illustrated by Drew Friedman, among the new man boobs highlighted are “Hammerheads,” “Belt Sniffers” and “Gorillas in the Mist.”  The magazine respectfully requests that you refrain from sending in photos of yourself or a loved one regarding this article. Check out MAXIM for an exclusive preview of this latest installment of the magazine favorite.

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