Ah, April Fool’s Day—that day where you get to act like a total jerk and pull the craziest, most zaniest pranks imaginable on your closest friends and sometimes complete strangers, and you totally get away with it by just saying those two magic words. No, not “I’m sorry”—April Fool’s! Then you both smile widely, point at each other and freeze-frame, roll credits.

That’s how life works right?

As per usual with us, we began to wonder…what would April Fool’s Day be like if we lived in the DC Universe? (Yes, this is what we do with our time.) Sure, we could prank our buddies, but what if we could prank the World’s Greatest Heroes and Villains? Well, worry not! On the off, but we-totally-hope-it-actually-happens, chance that we end up transported to the DCU by some Neverending Story-style magic-ry or zeta-beam misfire, we got some pranks all lined up, and we’re sharing them here with you!

Prank 1:
Paint rocks different colors of Kryptonite and leave them right outside of Clark Kent’s door. When he walks outside to go to work, he’ll freak out while still in his Clark Kent disguise.

Prank 2: Create a fake news article written by Lois Lane: “SUPERMAN AND CLARK KENT: ONE AND THE SAME.” Include fake quotes saying, “I mean, it was pretty obvious,” and “Glasses? I mean, seriously now.”

We’re pretty sure Batman doesn’t take too well to jokes (for whatever reason), so thread carefully on this one.
Prank 1:
Fill the pockets of his utility belt with inspirational/uplifting messages.

Prank 2: Have Alfred and the Bat-family act and treat Batman like they’re in the 1966 Batman television series—even adding Bat-Shark Repellent to his utility belt.

Prank 3: Tell him Clayface is in hiding at the Calistoga Mud Bath. Watch him question everybody and threaten tubs of mud.

Prank 1:
Replace her weapons with foam-covered children’s toys.

Prank 2: Replace her tiara with one slightly smaller so she’ll struggle trying to get it on her head.

Prank 1:
ALL-STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN #9 pretty much hit the nail on its head on this one. Paint his entire apartment yellow. Everything. Yellow.

Prank 2: Have Carol Ferris pretend he proposed to her after a night out drinking.

Prank 3: Fill his cabinets with acorns and tell him B’dg has been using it to prepare for the winter.


Prank 1:
Set his alarm an hour late, tie the laces of Barry Allen’s work shoes together. Wait for alarm to go off, hilarity ensues.

Prank 2: Have everyone at his office pretend to move really, really slow so he thinks he’s uncontrollably moving at superspeed.

Prank 1:
While he’s asleep, instead of sneaking his mattress into the pool, sneak it into the desert.

Prank 2: Hide a fake shark in his closet.

Prank 3: Rig the metal detectors at the Watchtower to beep when he walks through them and tell him that the mercury level in his blood has gotten so bad it now sets them off.

Refer to her solely as “Green Arrow’s ex-girlfriend.” (You’ll likely have to say “April Fool’s” really, really quickly on this one. Just FYI.)

Buy a sword, and then tell her that your wife in the sword just admitted that she’s been having an affair with Katana’s husband.

Change the Watchtower password to “Cyborg Smells.”

Tell him that you held a poll to see who everyone’s favorite Robin was and that he won.

Post a picture of her eating a burger on I Can Has Cheezburger.

Change all of the files on his computer to the music video to “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Shave off half his moustache.

Banana peels!

What are you, crazy? Yeah, it’s best to leave this one alone.

Prank: “
Kick Me” sign on his back.
If you can pull this off, you’ll be a prankster king—for not only being crazy enough to pull a prank on Darkseid but also the most classic prank of them all!

Know a good prank to pull on the heroes and villains of the DC Universe? Let us know your ideas in the comments below!