Unless you happen to be a scarlet-clad, single-syllable super hero, it can be really difficult to keep up with all of the great news and features to hit DCComics.com sometimes. Sure, most of it can be found right here in the blog, but there’s the video section as well. Have you visited it lately? The video section’s a pretty happening place these days, and it’s only gotten...er…happeninger since the start of Injustice Battle Arena. Why, this week alone we posted a dozen Battle Arena clips starring the likes of Kevin Smith, Jace Hall and one Mr. Stan Lee. (Maybe you’ve heard of him?)

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. We’ll break down the Battle Arena in a moment, but first let’s take a look at the rest of what went down this week on the DC Comics website…

We started things out with our June group solicits, which featured several brand new, eagerly anticipated new titles. Titles like Superman Unchained, Batman/Superman and Trinity of Sin: Pandora (which you’ve gotta admit, sounds a little like a metal album). Of course, that’s just the start of what’s on tap for June. Check it out!

Justice League



Green Lantern

The Dark

The Edge

Young Justice

Beyond DC Comics – The New 52

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Ah, Lono, how we have missed you.

We’ve also really been missing the Teen Titans whenever we turn on our TVs on Saturday mornings. So needless to say, we were pretty darn excited when we learned that Teen Titans Go! will be coming to Cartoon Network in April.

And speaking of comedy…you DC fans are some really funny folks. You know that? If you have any doubt, just read a few of the captions you came up with for the latest edition of Caption This!.

Who’s in the mood for a first look? Well, okay, if you haven’t seen it by now, it’s safe to say that you’re not getting the first look at it. Maybe you can still be in the first couple thousand, though. Hey, all that really matters is that you check out these awesome pages from the 19th issues of Batman, Batgirl and Batman And….

So we’ve been talking about the JLA a lot lately, but let’s not forget the JSA. Especially not when it’s been blowing our minds on a monthly basis in Earth 2.

Of course, we can’t discuss this week without at least mentioning the three “Requiem” titles that hit shops this month—namely BATMAN #18, BATMAN AND ROBIN #18 (a completely silent issue) and BATGIRL #18, which just happens to be the subject of this week’s This Just Happened. Man, remind us never to complain about our slacker brother again. Also, bigtime spoilers at that link, so consider yourself warned.

Okay, let’s talk Injustice Battle Arena! This week, the tournament entered the quarter final round, which means we were treated to not one, not two, but FOUR high profile match-ups. Superman vs. Green Arrow! Aquaman vs. Green Lantern! The Flash vs. the Joker! Batman vs. Wonder Woman! (Seriously, how can you pick between Batman and Wonder Woman—and if you have to, how can you possibly pick Batman? C’mon, the dude has no super powers!)

With matches this huge, we had to make sure our celebrity experts were up to the task. And when it comes to super heroes, it’s hard to find a bigger expert than Stan Lee. He offered his very decisive opinions while sparring with his buddy Jace Hall in a two part video. Of course, we all know Kevin Smith is a pretty big comic book man himself, so you should really give a listen to his thoughts on the match-ups too. And Brian Bloom, Steven Blum and Fred Tatasciore have all portrayed super heroes, so they really understand the heroic mindset. You may want to pay attention to what they have to say as well.

But ultimately, this round, like the ones before them, was decided by votes. Your votes. And who did you vote for? Watch all four fights and learn who’s moving on by clicking the links below:

Batman vs. Wonder Woman

The Flash vs. the Joker

Aquaman vs. Green Lantern

Superman vs. Green Arrow

So, what did we learn this week? We learned that all it takes to bring down Green Lantern is a single piranha (at least according to Jason Mewes). We learned that there are some awesome sounding comics coming out in June. Like ridiculously awesome. Like so awesome, the mere thought of them sets our brains a-quiver (which is kinda gross, so we’re going to stop thinking of them for a little bit). And we learned that Stan is still the Man!

That’s it for this review. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you again in seven!