If you’ve visited DCComics.com this week, you’ve likely seen a few posts about how much we appreciate our fans. But today, there's one specific group of fans we’d like to talk to: parents. So, everyone else can get the heck out! Nah, we’re kidding. You can stay. After all, you might one day start a family of your own. Or you may already know some little ones you can “accidently” leave some comics and toys with to help convert, we mean, train, er... groom, nope... cultivate? Yeah, cultivate their love of comics.

And essentially, that’s what the new DC Fan Family Program is all about: sharing the joy of comics and super heroes with your kids—the future generations of comic fans—and giving parents a one-stop source for great all-ages entertainment, products and offers from DC Entertainment.

From daily news and updates to fun activities and sweepstakes, there’s a lot of things to check out and do—which is why we’re giving you the 5.2 Reasons to Join the DC Comics Fan Family!

1. Latest News and Updates

With the DC Fan Family blog, families can keep up-to-date with the latest information on upcoming episodes of Young Justice, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and the upcoming Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! and also the latest comic book releases with “This Week in Kids Comics” and the newest digital releases via the DC Nation App.

2. Do It Yourself Projects

There’s nothing quite like working together with your kids and putting together something awesome—like, say, a Batman Jetpack (and, c’mon, the only way those two things could be any more awesome than they are on their own is to bring them together). That just so happens to be the first of many DIY projects from DC Fan Family complete with step-by-step instructions and illustrations. And, remember parents, as awesome as a Batman Jetpack is, this is for the kids. Wait till they’re asleep before slipping it on and flying around the backyard.

3. Quizzes, Polls and Surveys

Trying to figure out which Justice League characters you and your child should dress up as for Halloween? Or what type of animal you should purchase and then dress in super hero clothes? Of course you are, which is why DC Fan Family plans on providing the answers to these pressing questions with custom quizzes, polls and surveys. And speaking of dressing up in costumes...

4. Sweepstakes and Contests

Once you and your young one have rocked the neighborhood with your fan-tastic Batman and Robin outfits, be sure to snap a picture because DC Fan Family will also be holding periodic sweepstakes and contests where your family could win a bunch of awesome swag—including the latest toys and collectibles for you—we mean, for your child and you, to play with.

5. Fan Family Parent Spotlight

Being a fan and part of the Fan Family means being part of community, and like when with friends or hanging in a comic shop, that community loves to share their stories with one another about growing with comics and bringing that same experience to their kids. The upcoming Parent Spotlight will feature interviews with talent, guest bloggers, and eventually, yes, you the fans, sharing those same stories right here on the site.

5.1 Kids Artwork Gallery

Showcase your young artist!