Q&A with Geoff Johns on this Week's All-New Episode of 'Arrow'

Q&A with Geoff Johns on this Week's All-New...

By Brandy Phillips Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

DC Entertainment’s very own Geoff Johns wrote this week’s all-new episode of ARROW and we had a chance to chat with him about what fans can expect. It sounds like an action-packed episode, take a look:

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Q: What are you most excited for fans to see in this week's episode, “Dead to Rights”?

Geoff Johns:  I have to start by acknowledging and tipping my baseball hat to the director Glen Winter. Glen and I have worked together previously on episodes of Smallville including the Justice Society ep ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. Like comics, this is a creative collaboration between writer and visionary. And like the artistic greats I work with again-and-again — Ivan Reis & Joe Prado, Gary Frank, Doug Mahnke — Glen is someone that I connect with on a creative level. We both set out to do the very best we can together and I’m proud of the episodes of television we’ve made, especially this one. Add to that the producers, writing staff and cast of Arrow and I feel very privileged to be a part of it all. I’m glad the show has found such a great audience — it deserves it.

As to what I’m most excited for people to see? I’d have to say the developing relationship between Oliver and Tommy and ultimately the situation they find themselves in together. It reveals a lot about how much Oliver has grown since he was first stranded on that island and how painful Tommy’s life has been because of it — something we haven’t quite seen yet. Beyond that, it’s the return of Deadshot, China White and the introduction of Laurel’s mother Dinah Lance, who any self-respecting comic fan will know in the comics is the original Black Canary. The last line of the episode will have people exploring possibilities in their head that bring this show full circle.
Q: What kind of repercussions will Oliver face after the dust settles?

GJ: The dust settles from what exactly? Does someone die? You’ll have to watch.
Q: What was it like to team up again with your SMALLVILLE collaborator, director Glen Winter?

GJ: I’m glad you asked (even though I already half-answered above!). When Greg called me about the episode and I spoke to Andrew about tackling this and teaming up with Glen again, I was unbelievably excited. Like I said, Glen is someone who deserves to be known by comic fans. He’s brought so many characters to the television screen — from his episodes of Smallville to his episodes now of Arrow. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime on this.
Q: For fans of the show who may not be as familiar with GREEN ARROW comics, what are the key storylines you recommend they read to get a feel for the character that inspired the TV show?

GJ: I’m glad you asked this too because I will tell anyone I can get to listen to pick up GREEN ARROW #17 which is the first issue by my good friend and amazing writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino. I know what these two have planned and it’s going to be a ride worth getting on board with — especially if you like the mysteries of the island Oliver Queen was stranded on. Both the TV show and now the series are exploring it in unique ways. I also can’t recommend enough GREEN ARROW: THE LONGBOW HUNTERS by Mike Grell, GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE by Andy Diggle (who subsequently had a character named after him) and Jock and GREEN ARROW: QUIVER and SOUNDS OF VIOLENCE by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester. All fantastic Green Arrow stories and seminal ones.
Q: Do you approach writing Comics and TV differently, from the way you block a scene to the dialogue to the characterization?
GJ: Yes. It’s great because you aren’t limited to page and panel count, but you do have a budget. You also have actors, sound and music. But the DNA of the characters, no matter the medium, remains the same. I love writing television because, like comics, it’s collaborative and it’s ongoing serial storytelling.

Q: Who is your favorite Green Arrow villain who has yet to appear on the TV show?

GJ: That would be Kevin Smith’s Onomatopoeia! Andrew is a big fan so I wouldn’t expect him before too long...
Q: Arrow hasn’t used many of Green Arrow’s trademark gimmick arrows.  Given his competition in Starling thus far, any recommendations for the small screen archer?

GJ: I think he’s doing just fine with the regular old razor tips.

China White appears in new ARROW episode "Dead to Rights"

written by Geoff Johns.

The vigilante takes aim in "Dead to Rights" on the CW this Wednesday at 8/7c.