Last month, JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #4 continued the gorgeous anthology-style six issue miniseries curated by the legendary Joe Kubert.

In stores on Wednesday, issue #5 features the return of Sgt. Rock brought to you by Paul Levitz and Joe Kubert—in a tale unlike any you’ve read before! In “Farewell,” a father and his son fulfill his father’s dying wish and reminisce about an American Icon.

Next up is another chapter of Sam Glanzman’s heart-wrenching tale of his time served in WWII: “U.S.S. Stevens, Back and Forth 1941-1944.” Glanzman reflects upon significant moments of WWII and the U.S.S. Steven’s place within them.

Another tale by Kubert tells his first biker story. In “The Biker,” a war veteran is haunted by the ghost of a mysterious woman that he remembers from his days back in Afghanistan.

And in the continuing adventures of “Angel and the Ape,” Angel and Sam reveal how their unique partnership came to be. How did Angel meet everyone’s favorite ape detective? Find out in another hilarious take by Brian Buniak.

Plus, don’t miss another “Spit” story, where Spit learns to stand up for himself!

Hitting stands tomorrow, JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #5 continues a far ranging collection of stories from Kubert and his peers. Click here for an exclusive preview of the various stories featured in the issue.