SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read GREEN ARROW #17 and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!)


Last month, Jeff Lemire told you a little bit about GREEN ARROW #17 and teased his plans for Oliver Queen once he took over as the new ongoing writer of the monthly series. You also got your first look at Andrea Sorrentino’s stunning interior artwork for the duo’s bold and gritty new interpretation of the character. But what surprises does this new creative team have in store for the Emerald Archer? Well, it all begins in “The Kill Machine: Part 1.”


After discovering that he has lost his fortune, his heritage and his father’s firm, Oliver Queen (a.k.a Green Arrow) confronts the man responsible: Emerson. Enraged, Ollie accuses Emerson of ruining his deceased father’s legacy and losing his company. As Emerson attempts to explain himself, he tells Ollie that nothing that has happened to him has been an accident. It is finally time for Ollie to know the truth about his real legacy … but Emerson is lethally shot before he can reveal any more secrets!


But this is not your typical assassination attempt. Emerson was not shot with a gun – he was a shot with an arrow! Someone was clearly trying to gain Ollie’s attention. The only questions are: Who? And why?


When the time comes for Ollie to switch gears into Green Arrow mode and get some answers, his usual allies, Jax and Naomi, are not there to help him. And with his main supply of arrows and costumes destroyed, Ollie retreats to one of his safe houses to suit up and devise a retaliation plan.


However, someone has been watching him this entire time. A mystery archer who is just as powerful as Green Arrow: Komodo. And he has come to Seattle to kill Oliver Queen!


As Oliver lies helpless and the target for Komodo’s arrow, someone bursts onto the scene and surprises them all – an elusive man with scarred eyes named Magus. Magus reveals that Ollie should not be in Seattle, and that, in fact, he was never supposed to leave the island in the first place!


But what could Magus mean by this? Is this shocking reveal that Emerson was hinting at before his death? And who really is Komodo? Place your bets in the comments section and find out what happens when “The Kill Machine” continues in GREEN ARROW #18.  


Below, take a look at the final page from “The Kill Machine: Part 1” as Magus rescues Ollie from Komodo. And don’t forget to pick up your copy of GREEN ARROW #17, in stores now!