From the honor and strength of John Stewart, to the pure techno power of Cyborg, to the energy and humor of Static Shock, DC’s African-American heroes have become both inspirations and favorites of DC fans the world over. John Stewart first joined the Green Lantern Corps in the 1970s and remains the definitive Green Lantern to a generation of fans who grew up with the Justice League animated series. Cyborg has overcome great injury and physical change and now fights alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in the Justice League. Static Shock has appeared in multiple DC Comics universes and headlined his own hit animated series. These three favorites have joined with other pioneering African-American super heroes in representing the best in all of us, blazing new trails while defending our world and the universe as a whole from injustice.


In February, millions of us nationwide take time to remember and celebrate our African-American heritage in what’s become known as Black History Month. With so much of our history here at DC Comics now available digitally, there’s never been a better time to discover or rediscover DC’s African-American trailblazers. Throughout all of February, look for discounted prices on the titles that helped forge new territory in comics. Whether you’re discovering these stories for the first time, or rediscovering classic tales that you may not have read in a while, we hope you join with us in celebrating Black History Month and appreciating the important role these African-American characters have played in our comic books and popular culture as a whole.


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