Last month, JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #3 continued the gorgeous anthology-style six issue miniseries curated by the legendary Joe Kubert.


In stores today, issue #4 continues the lost sci-fi epic, “The Redeemer.” In this chapter, The Infernal One looks back to the end of Civil War and watches over one of the many incarnations of Jim Torkan (aka The Redeemer). With the war over, Torkan ventures out West to find himself and discovers much more than what he bargained for. Are these his first steps towards becoming the Redeemer? Or has The Infernal One clouded his memory for good? Find out in this exciting story written and drawn by Kubert himself.


Next up are the continuing adventures of “Angel and the Ape.” After rescuing Sam from the despicable villain known as Harry Hausen, Angel must now deal with the mad scientist’s mechanical raptors! Can her ape assistant help her before she becomes lunch? Also, what secret is Sam hiding from Angel? Find out in another absurdly comic tale by Brian Buniak.


And last but certainly not least, is Sam Glanzman’s heart-wrenching tale of his time served in WWII: “U.S.S. Stevens, The Figurehead.” As Sam rides his bike through a small New England town, he discovers an old ship’s figurehead and shares the story of when he first encountered it.


Plus, be sure not to miss a behind the scenes look at the making of “The Redeemer”!


Available now, JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #4 continues a far ranging collection of stories from Kubert and his peers. Click here for an exclusive preview of the various stories featured in the issue.