There are only two more weeks left in 2012, and we’re making all of them count. Whether it’s in the pages of our comics, with high-stakes storylines like “Death of the Family,” on big and small screens nationwide or even here on, we’re doing what we can to wrap up the year in fine fan fashion. Why, just this week we saw the Joker square off with Damian Wayne in the pages of Batman and Robin, a brand new Man of Steel trailer hit movie theaters and the web, Arrow take some truly dramatic twists and the unveiling of the first moment in our 2012 Hall of Fame. And that’s to say nothing about our most recent group solicits, which were also released this week.


Here’s some of what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


Let’s start with those solicits. March solicitations were released on Monday, and there’s plenty of great stuff to look forward to, starting with the very first issue of Constantine, the latest title to join DC COMICS – THE NEW 52. But that’s only one title of…well, 52. (Actually, more than 52 when you include the Beyond DC Comics – The New 52 group.)


Click below to be taken to the listings:


Justice League



Green Lantern

The Edge

The Dark

Young Justice

Beyond DC Comics – The New 52

Collected Editions

DC Collectibles


Yes, we included DC Collectibles this time. With some of the amazing statues they have in the pipeline, how could we not? And speaking of fun things from the DC Collectibles crew, did you see this week’s edition of Caption This?


“Death of the Family” continued this week in a big way as the tense, terrifying storyline continued. Along with new chapters in Batman, Batgirl and Suicide Squad, it also exploded into the pages of Batman and Robin for the first time. It doesn’t show any sign of winding down either. Next week, the Joker will find himself going head to head with Nightwing, and series writer Kyle Higgins offered some tantalizing hints about what to expect.


On Tuesday, we gave you a glimpse the cover for January’s THRESHOLD #1, courtesy of Howard Porter.


Of course, most of you spent that particular day in front of your computer screens, absorbing the brand new Man of Steel trailer that was released and debating whether we’re ready for a hero like Superman. So what do you think?


Wednesday brought us the last episode of Arrow for the year. (We guess even vigilantes are entitled to some time off for the holidays.) While the wait for the show’s January return may be tough, at least we can keep ourselves busy discussing the episode’s important revelations. What revelations, you ask? Well, if you don’t know that, then clearly you need to watch the episode.


On Thursday, we presented the 5.2 Reasons Before Watchmen is turning Christmas into Easter. It has to do with eggs…and Martin Scorsese.


Today brought with it a new edition of This Just Happened, where we discussed the intriguing last page of BATMAN #15, and what the latest recruit to the Joker’s cause could mean for Batman. (The answer: Nothing the least bit good.)


Finally, we also unveiled the first of 12 unforgettable moments comprising 2012’s DC Comics’ Hall of Fame. These are the cream of the crop in what was a particular good year for DC and our fans. Of course, it was an absolutely GREAT year for Superman and Wonder Woman, and all of that started with one heavily discussed kiss…

Look for more special holiday and end-of-year features in the days ahead, including the rest of 2012’s Hall of Fame. But for now, all of you be safe, have a good weekend and we’ll see you again in seven.