2012 was a great year for DC and our fans. Whether it was in the pages of our comics, on the big or small screen or on the floor of our booth at Comic-Con, 2012 was a year of unforgettable moments. Some were thrilling, some were funny and others left us absolutely breathless. In a year full of moments that won’t be forgotten, these are some of the best. Introducing 2012’s DC Comics’ Hall of Fame!


Who doesn’t dream of being swept off their feet in a passionate embrace? Unfortunately, for most of us, that’s just an expression. We’ll never be swept off of our feet literally.


Of course, none of us are Superman and Wonder Woman.


While we certainly did our part to spread the word about our newest power couple and their super-smooch in JUSTICE LEAGUE #12, DC fans did plenty of talking about it on their own. Whether or not you’re in favor of this new coupling, it’s hard to deny the impact it had on DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 and on the two heroes. There’s a new spring in their step and a new importance to what they’re fighting for. We may have seen Superman and Wonder Woman fly in the past, but this is the first time we’ve seen them walking on air.



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