Yes, DC Collectibles fans, it’s your favorite day of the month again. The day we post another fun photo featuring a recent collectible and encourage you to post the best caption imaginable beneath it. The most brilliant, poetic or illuminating caption. A caption that will make the rest of the world stand up and say, “My goodness! So this is why the Internet was created! So that this line of text that somehow perfectly encapsulates what’s going on in this photo can be written!”


Or that makes us a laugh a little.


Anyhow, here’s this month’s photo. It features the brand new Justice League: Superman action figure that’s based on the Man of Steel’s New 52 design. He’s posed with something we’re told used to be used for making phone calls, though we think Kal-El could probably think of a few other things to do with it…



So, can you hear me now—er, we mean… Can you Caption This?