DC Week-In-Review: November 16th

DC Week-In-Review: November 16th

By Tim Beedle Friday, November 16th, 2012

So how about that “Fourth Wave,” eh? Last week, we announced Katana and Vibe, two new ongoing titles about a couple of up-and-comers in DCU, which join the already announced Justice League of America and Threshold to form the “Fourth Wave” of new comics to join DC COMICS – THE NEW 52. This week, they were all officially solicited, along with new installments of “Death of the Family,” “He’l on Earth,” Before Watchmen and the latest storyline to rock the Lantern Corps, “Wrath of the First Lantern.” But lest you think we’re all about the doom and gloom around here, don’t overlook the fact that love is also in the air…by way of a new, star-packed anthology of romance stories that’s set to arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


So, about that anthology. It’s called YOUNG ROMANCE: A NEW 52 VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL #1, and it stars a cast of DC all-stars on its 64 pages and creating them as well (with writers and artists that include Andy Diggle, Phil Jimenez, Gene Ha, Becky Cloonan, Peter Milligan and more). Look for it on February 6, 2013.


We also announced…a whole lot of new issues. That’s what happens when it’s time for group solicits! Click on the links below to check out the February solicits for each of our groups:


Justice League



Green Lantern

The Dark

The Edge

Young Justice

Beyond DC Comics – The New 52


Before Watchmen


After that, we tipped our hat (and may have danced the “truffle shuffle” when no one is looking) to SWAMP THING VOL. 1: RAISE THEM BONES and WONDER WOMAN VOL. 1: BLOOD, which both made Amazon’s list of the Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2012. Also snagging some end-of-the-year acclaim was BATMAN: EARTH ONE, which Barnes & Noble listed as one of the “Best Quirky, Beautiful, Different Books of 2012.” We’d also throw in “totally frickin’ badass” as well, but that’s just us.


Speaking of graphic novels, Vertigo saw the release of two amazing, gorgeous new original hardcovers on Wednesday: the first volume of their eagerly anticipated adaptation of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and FABLES: WEREWOLVES OF THE HEARTLAND, an original Fables graphic novel that can be enjoyed by readers even if they don’t follow the ongoing Fables series.


Wednesday also brought us a new installment of Caption This! from our pals at DC Collectibles. Darkseid and his Parademons are conquering the universe…by busting out their best disco moves.


“Death of the Family” continued to be a hot topic among fans, which is hardly surprising considering this week the storyline continued in three different comics: BATMAN #14, BATGIRL #14 and SUICIDE SQUAD #14. But it wasn’t just the fans who were talking about it. We also heard from Batman artist Greg Capullo and writer Scott Snyder.


But if crazed, faceless psychopaths are a little too dark for your Dark Knight tastes, we also released a new installment of Batman: Li’l Gotham. This one features the Penguin and an army of Thanksgiving-protesting turkeys. Oh, and the quirky, cool watercolor art of Dustin Nguyen.


2012’s been a pretty good year for all of us here at DC, and we’re hoping it’s been a good one for you too. At the very least, we’re pretty sure we can end it on a good note for you one you with our Top 12 of 12 Sweepstakes.


Yes, we love winning DC sweepstakes (or we’d imagine we’d love winning them if we weren’t employees and ineligible to enter), but you know what else we love? Amazing, heroic women. Especially when they put on a mask and costume and go out and fight crime.


Finally, while it’s been a pretty great week for us, it’s been a pretty brutal one for the Green Lantern Corps, and a downright awful one for one Lantern. If you’re curious what we’re talking about, you should read GREEN LANTERN CORPS #14. Or check out today’s spoiler-spilling This Just Happened.


Just a note, we’ll be taking a pass next week so that we can sleep off the previous day’s turkey dinner. But we’ll be back with another DC Week-In-Review on the 30th. See you then and have a great week of family, feasting, football and fighting off those Black Friday crowds!