Batman: Li'l Gotham Goes to the Birds

Batman: Li'l Gotham Goes to the Birds

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Last month, Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs gave Batman fans a fun Halloween treat when they launched their new digital first series, Batman: Li’l Gotham. The fans responded by enthusiastically downloading the first installment and offering this hard-working creative team plenty of reasons to feel thankful.


If you’re yet to discover it, Batman: Li’l Gotham is a winsome new digital first series drawn in a distinct watercolor style by Nguyen and co-written by Nguyen and Fridolfs. Its debut installment was released on October 31st and found Batman and Robin having to keep the streets of Gotham safe while legions of costumed crazies roamed the alleyways in search of…well, candy of course! Tomorrow, the second holiday-themed chapter hits the DC Digital Store, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the creative team wanted to express their gratitude…to the fans!


“The characters might be drawn little, but we've had such big hopes for them,” said Fridolfs. “So we're very appreciative for the enormous support by the fan community that turned out to help us launch Batman: Li'l Gotham to great success!”


Series editor Sarah Gaydos shared a similar sentiment. “Thanks so much for the outpouring of support for our first ‘Li'l’ issue!” she said. “It was really heartening to see everyone sharing in the love Dustin and Derek feel towards these characters that so clearly comes through in their work. The Thanksgiving issue is even more fun (and has one of my favorite lines of dialogue!), so I can't wait for everyone to enjoy it.”


Unsurprisingly, tomorrow’s installment takes place on Thanksgiving, but according to the Penguin, it’s the holiday itself that’s a turkey. And he’s about to hold a march against the city in protest.


“With the month of November at hand, we're asking our family of fans to gather around their digital devices, as we give thanks with our next story,” explained Fridolfs. “It might make you rethink your choice to eat turkey, knowing the villain who stands as their advocate. Birds of a feather…”


Look for BATMAN: LI’L GOTHAM #2 in the DC Digital Store tomorrow. We’re all looking forward to reading it, but if any of you need further convincing, Nguyen provided us with this exclusive image listing his five reasons why you should check out the next issue. Enjoy!