Last week, we asked for your help in putting together the Ultimate Super-Villain Team. Many of our popular super-villains were in the running in nine distinctly different categories. The one thing they all had in common was a penchant for evil schemes and a willingness to lie, cheat and steal their way to the top.


Well, the votes are in, and while we can’t rule out ballot tampering or other shady business with this crew of candidates, we’re going to go on ahead and announce the winners. Ladies, gentlemen and super-villain lovers the world over, we now present to you 2012’s Ultimate Super-Villain Team…as chosen by you!





World Conqueror: Ra’s al Ghul


Maybe it’s because of his importance to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight film trilogy, or maybe you all just have a thing for cool mustaches, but the Demon’s Head…ahem, headily rose to the top in the tough category of World Conqueror, beating out the likes of Black Adam, Vandal Savage, Gorilla Grodd and Black Manta. Perhaps it’s because years of life lead to years of experience, but something tells us he could wind up leading this team…or at least believing he does.



Evil Genius: Lex Luthor


Standing alongside Ra’s al Ghul is Lex Luthor, the clear winner in the Evil Genius category. Considering his popularity, there’s little shock to seeing Lex come out on top, though we wouldn’t be surprised if he manipulated his way to the win. Along with his intelligence (which is formidable), Lex also brings his sizeable bank account to the team, ensuring that any of their evil schemes will have the funding to find success. At least as long as Lex sees the team as a worthwhile investment…



Crime Boss: Penguin


Oswald Cobblepot received some not-so-friendly competition from Black Mask in this category, but pulled ahead for the win. Perhaps the thought of using the Iceberg Lounge as the team HQ resulted in a last minute show of support. Whatever the reason, the Penguin has the skills and the resources to oversee the group’s crime operations, even if it means they’ll also have to clean up after the occasional flightless Antarctic bird.



Mad Scientist: Scarecrow


Shaking off the likes of Mister Freeze and the Reverse-Flash, Dr. Jonathan Crane scared up the most votes in this category. While lacking the physical strength or super-human abilities of some of his fellow teammates, Scarecrow’s brilliant mind and warped sense of morality will help bring any seemingly impossible scheme the group concocts into the realm of the possible…and keep anyone unfortunate to cross their path running in terror.



Alien Overlord: Darkseid


When it comes to super-villains, there are more than a few who can be called “out of this world.” And yet, Darkseid clearly claimed the win in this category, destroying competitors such as Sinestro and Atrocitus (those power rings can construct plenty of things…but votes aren’t one of them). Let there be no disagreement, destroy is the right word to use here, since destruction is often all that’s left in his wake. Darkseid’s never been a team player and it’s unlikely he ever will be. So one has to suspect that if he’d ever consent to joining a team of super-villains, it’s part of a much bigger plan…one that would end not just with him taking control of the team, but pretty much all of existence.



Femme Fatale: Catwoman


Tempting as it is to say this team could really use a feminine touch, you really don’t want to touch Catwoman, unless you’re in the mood for one painful trip to the ER. While her ability to steal even the most tightly secure items is legendary, so is Selina Kyle’s relationship with a certain Dark Knight. Catwoman was the clear winner in this category (beating out a list of competitors that also including Talia al Ghul—Batman sure does like his Femme Fatales, doesn’t he?), but one has to wonder whether she’d work harder in support of the team or against it. As for her loyalty, well, it will almost certainly remain where it always has—to herself.



Monster: Doomsday


Perhaps it’s fear over what a Superman-killing super-villain would do if he lost. In what has to be seen as an upset in this election, Doomsday stole the win in this category, beating out a monstrous number of competitors that included Solomon Grundy, Clayface, The Demon, Bizarro and Killer Croc. While it’s highly unlikely that Doomsday would contribute much to the team’s strategy, the villain’s strength and destructive power is well documented, and it’s all-too-clear what Doomsday could become if he were to join this or any other super-villain team: their most dangerous weapon.



Mercenary: Deathstroke


Lethal, merciless and without equal, Deathstroke absolutely slayed the competition in the Mercenary category, which is fitting considering his occupation. Reputation and money are what seem to drive Slade Wilson, and being a part of a team of super-villains such as this one would bring both in spades. A team like this needs its muscle, and it’s hard to argue that Deathstroke wouldn’t bring that and more. Plus, anyone who’s read Team 7 knows that he can be a team player. For how long, though, remains to be seen.



Wild-Card: The Joker


Hands down (and face off) the Joker smashed his competitors in this category. That’s not hyperbole—this category wasn’t even close. With 79% of the vote, even his fan-favorite companion Harley Quinn couldn’t make much of a dent (and speaking of Dents, Two-Face didn’t fare much better). It’s hardly surprising. About the only thing you can predict when it comes to the Joker is his popularity. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess. But if anyone expects to be able to control the Clown Prince of Crime, the joke’s definitely on them, which makes one wonder how long he’d last on a team like this.



There you have it. The best of the DC bad guys, as chosen by all of you. So are you satisfied with the list? How long do you think this team would last, and what would ultimately prove to be their undoing? Feel free to post your thoughts and comments below!