Keith Giffen, known for sci-fi epics like THE GREAT DARKNESS SAGA, will reshape the New 52’s science fiction landscape this January with THRESHOLD, a new ongoing series featuring artwork by artist Tom Raney (Ultimate X-Men). NEWSARAMA announced the news and has the first interview with Keith about the series, head on over to read it.
This title has it all: from the Omega Men, to Stealth, Blue Beetle, Tom Tomorrow and Star Hawkins, THRESHOLD promises high-octane space adventure from the master of the genre.

Spinning out of the GREEN LANTERN: THE NEW GUARDIANS ANNUAL #1, which debuts “The Hunted,” THRESHOLD will also include a backup featuring “Larfleeze” with art by Scott Kolins.
Kicking off "The Hunted," disgraced Green Lantern Jediah Caul has been captured, stripped of his powers and forced to compete in The Games, a reality TV-style show spanning an entire alien solar system. An unwilling contestant, Caul must stay one step ahead of cutthroat alien hunters willing to do whatever it takes to score the highest points in game history. Armed with only his Green Lantern combat training and whatever alien tech he can steal, Caul fights to stay alive, turn the tables on those running The Game — and maybe redeem himself along the way!
Check out the variant cover of issue #1 by Kenneth Rocafort and pick up a copy January 16th.