Despite the Dark Knight's tendency in the world of comic books to stay in the shadows, in the real world, Batman does anything but. Seriously, the Caped Crusader has been featured in almost every type of media stage imaginable—from radio shows and award-winning animated television series to video games and blockbuster film franchises. However, he's long since been absent from one stage—the literal one.


That all changed in 2011 with the launch of BATMAN LIVE, a touring stage show that began in the UK, made its way through Europe and Latin America, and is now finally heading to the U.S.


The show has already received some pretty great reviews, but for those still reluctant to go check it out, we're giving you 5.2 Reasons Batman Live is a Can't Miss!


1. Written by Allan Heinberg

Allan Heinberg already has a pretty extensive television career writing for shows like "The O.C.," which featured a number of references to Superman, Watchmen, Sandman, and more. However, he's also no stranger to the world of comics, having written the incredible Young Avengers series for Marvel and co-wrote the JLA arc "Crisis of Coinscience" alongside Geoff Johns.


2. Robin Rises

As for the story itself, Batman Live focuses on one of the most defining moments in the history of the Dark Knight. No, not when his parents were killed (fair point, though). The other one. The introduction of Robin and beginning of the Dynamic Duo. And for those who think they already know the story, think again. There's some new twists and turns for the stage version of the tale, including the inclusion of numerous infamous inmates of Arkham.


3. The Batmobile

There have been a lot of different Batmobiles throughout the years, and while the tank-like Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan-directed films stands as one of the most powerful, the one from Batman Live might stand as one of the most scientifically sound. Designed by renowned Formula One race car designer Professor Gordon Murray—whose McLaren MP4/4 won 15 out of 16 Grands Prix—this Batmobile makes us desperately want to see the Caped Crusader taking it for a spin on the race tracks once the stage tour is over.



4. Gotham City Comes Alive

The amazing thing about plays and stage shows is how the designers and choreographers make an entire world come alive right in front of your eyes. With Batman Live, this happens through both the use of amazing sets (we'll get to that) and the use of a massive video screen (415,750 pixels—imagine THAT in your living room) that provides beautiful shots of the city and sets the tone through motion graphics and animation.



5. Creative Director Anthony Van Laast

This one sort of speaks for itself. Van Lasst's credits as choreographer include: Sister Act, Bombay Dreams, Mamma Mia!, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Annie Get your Gun, and more. Some of you stage connoisseurs may have heard of these, and for those that haven't, rest assured that these plays boast a production big on spectacle with equally immersive storytelling.


5.1 Those Previously Mentioned Amazing Sets by ES Devlin



5.2 The Massive Cast of Characters