The phrase "legendary artist" gets tossed around a lot these days. Picasso? He couldn't even draw a face properly. And what's up with those melting clocks, Dali? (Nah, just kidding, they're great). But considering the fact that J.H. Williams III has worked with some of the most renowned and influential writers in comic book history—Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and now Neil Gaiman—the term "legendary artist" just doesn't seem like enough.
So, we're coming up with a new term! Legendeawesome... Awesomedary... Legawesomedary...
Yeesh… This is a lot more difficult than we though. So instead, we're just going to list off the 5.2 Reasons Why J.H. Williams III Rocks Our World!

Every month as part of DC Comics—The New 52, Williams grabs hold of the writing reins alongside W. Haden Blackman and provides art on alternating arcs of the Batwoman series. This week sees the release of Batwoman #12, which returns Williams to penciling duties; however, he also previously worked on the character of Kate Kane during his Eisner Award-winning run on DETECTIVE COMICS #854-860 with writer Greg Rucka.
One of the biggest announcements to come out of this year's San Diego Comic-Con was the news that awesomedary comic book writer and novelist Neil Gaiman will be making his triumphant return to the world of Sandman next summer with a brand-new limited series—with art provided by Williams. Already our brain cells are exploding from amazing overload just imagining this team-up. Then this happened and we lost consciousness for a while:

It takes a certain type of artist to delve into the mind of Grant Morrison and put onto the page the mad genius found within. Thankfully, Williams ranks as one of those artists and more than proved his ability to do so with his collaboration with Morrison on the BATMAN #667-669 arc, "The Island of Mister Mayhew."

Mixing magic, mythology, and mysticism, Promethea teamed Williams with writer Alan Moore. The series stands as one of the most experimental in comics—both in storytelling and especially in art—and to this day Williams' unique style, attention to detail and beautiful imagery shines through with almost blinding brilliance.

Besides being a great series in its own right—focusing on the character of Cameron Chase who gives readers a different, more grounded perspective on the world of superheroes—the nine-issue Chase series first elevated Williams to prominence in the comic art community. Reading the series from its first issue to its last, you really see the evolution of Williams' art as he grows into the artist we see today that continues to wow us with every image he puts on paper.

5.1 Splash Pages Like These

5.2 He Rocks an Awesome Beard

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