When superstar writer Grant Morrison launched ALL-STAR SUPERMAN back in 2005, he crafted a tale that took the Man of Steel back to his more classic roots while still approaching the character with modern sensibilities. He reinvented the Superman of old for today's audience and the end result quickly became lauded as one of the greatest Superman tales ever written.

With last year's relaunch of ACTION COMICS, Morrison reinvented the Man of Steel once more—and the results were once again, in a word, super.

This week marked the release of SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS Vol. 1, which collects Morrison’s first major arc on the title, and within those colorful comic book pages lie the 5.2 Reasons We Love Action Comics' Superman!

1. Reinvention Through Reinterpretation
With Action Comics, Morrison once again returned to an intrepretation of Superman from times past, but one even further back than in All-Star--all the way to the Man of Steel's original appearance. And by once again keeping a modern sensibility, Morrison created a younger, rasher and bolder Man of Steel, one who seems to enjoy using his powers (all while helping others, of course).

2. More Powerful Than...
As a younger version of the character, this Superman hasn't quite reached his full potential, which means when it comes to threats and dangers… Well, this beautifully chilling image that plays on the old Superman adage says it all:

3. Superman's Clark Kent's Pal: Jimmy Olsen
With Action Comics, Jimmy Olsen is now friends with Clark Kent instead of Superman, and like a butterfly flapping its wings in Metropolis causing a tornado in Smallville, a little change makes a huge difference in the logistics of their friendship.

4. New Krypton
Morrison and artist Gene Ha's interpretation of Krypton and Kryptonians is stunningly beautiful and visually breathtaking. Plus, the little tweaks Morrison made to the destruction of the planet and ultimate rocketing of the infant Kal-El off-planet make events much more realistic—or rather as realistic as a baby in a rocket from another planet facing untimely destruction can be.

5. References Abound
As any Morrison fan knows, reading between the lines is not so much a suggestion as a requirement. Morrison loves adding winks and nods to previous continuity and stories, and his Action Comics run holds no exception. Check out a few we found below, and let us know in the comments any references you may have found!

5.1 Sensational Backup Tales by Sholly Fisch

5.2 Costume of the People

Is Action Comics taking you up, up, and away into the stratosphere of awesome? Let us know what you think in the comments!