Hollywood has the Academy Awards. Football has the Super Bowl. But if you’re a comic book fan, one event towers above all others: San Diego Comic-Con. For four days and five nights, some of the biggest names in entertainment gather together to celebrate comic books, movies, TV, games and pop culture. DC Entertainment will be there in force with a large team of creators, a full slate of panels, a new booth, some great giveaways and much, much more.


Of course, we’d love for you to join us in the convention hall. But if you can’t make it, we have you covered with exclusive videos, panel recaps, photos and more as part of our Con Away From Con coverage. Plus, this year we’re giving you a chance to control the action. Follow us on Twitter (@DCComics), and keep an eye out for announcements about which artist or writer we’ll be interviewing next. When you see one, use the hashtag #AskDCComics to submit your questions for him or her. Then look for them to show up in our video interview!


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Keep your eye on this page all weekend long for Con Away From Con links to all the latest from San Diego, which you can find below...



 Live Panel Coverage

  •  SDCC 2012: Tales from The Edge and The Dark

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Collectibles

  •  SDCC 2012: Batman: Beyond the Night of Owls

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Entertainment – All Access: DC NOW!

  •  SDCC 2012: Vertigo: A View From the Cutting Edge of Comics


 Video Clips

  •  SDCC 2012: New Booth Tour with Fletch

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Collectibles Event

  •  SDCC 2012: Neil Gaiman Sandman Announcement

  •  SDCC 2012: DC University with Jim Lee

  •  SDCC 2012: Twitter-verse Questions with Scott Snyder

  •  SDCC 2012: On the Red Carpet

  •  SDCC 2012: Thursday Recap




 Live Panel Coverage

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Comics: From Concept to Page

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Comics: Superman

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Comics: Justice League and Green Lantern

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Comics – The New 52

  •  SDCC 2012: Vertigo: Get Jiro!


 Video Clips

  •  SDCC 2012: DC University with Sean Murphy

  •  SDCC 2012: Twitter-verse Questions with James Robinson

  •  SDCC 2012: 5.2 Questions with Chris Daughtry

  •  SDCC 2012: We Can Be Heroes Darkness & Light Art Exhibit

  •  SDCC 2012: Friday Recap




  •  DC Entertainment to publish the comic book adaptation of DJANGO UNCHAINED by Quentin Tarantino


 Live Panel Coverage

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Comics – The New Wave

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Entertainment– All Access: OGNs

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Comics - Before Watchmen

  •  SDCC 2012: Mad about MAD

  •  SDCC 2012: Vertigo: Fables


 Video Clips

  •  SDCC 2012: DC University with Dustin Nguyen

  •  SDCC 2012: Twitter-verse Questions with Kyle Higgins

  •  SDCC 2012: Quentin Tarantino announces comic book adaptation of DJANGO UNCHAINED

  •  SDCC 2012: 5.2 Questions with Ed Boon

  •  SDCC 2012: Twitter-verse Questions with Bryan Q. Miller

  •  SDCC 2012: Twitter-verse Questions with Scott Snyder and James Tynion

  •  SDCC 2012: Saturday Recap




 Live Panel Coverage

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Comics: Young Justice

  •  SDCC 2012: DC Entertainment: Meet the Publishers


 Video Clips

  •  SDCC 2012: DC University with Darwyn Cooke

  •  SDCC 2012: 5.2 Questions with Anthony Bourdain

  •  SDCC 2012: Twitter-verse Questions with Andrew Kreisberg And Marc Guggenheim about Arrow

  •  SDCC 2012: Twitter-verse Questions with Dan DiDio and Jim Lee

  •  SDCC 2012: DC University with Rafael Albuquerque

  •  SDCC 2012: Twitter-verse Questions with Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner

  •  SDCC 2012: Sunday Recap