Comic-Con may still be a week away, but the announcements have already started flying here on Scott Snyder’s not joking around with his next Batman storyline, Geoff Johns and Doug Manke are raising a Third Army and Batwoman’s teaming up with Wonder Woman for a storyline that’s sure to have some legs (at least judging by its centipede-themed cover). And that just covers Monday and Tuesday. Yes, it was a huge Independence Day week where cool reveals were exploding like fireworks, and we’re guessing more than a few people were left standing up in awe before it was done.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


We got things started off with an announcement that had Batman fans grinning (and perhaps laughing a little maniacally). The Joker is returning to Batman care of Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion.


A hard act to follow perhaps, but our next big announcement proved up to the task. This October also marks the release of “Rise of the Third Army,” a massive crossover storyline playing out in all four Green Lantern titles.


If that’s big news, our next announcement was downright Amazonian. Wonder Woman will be teaming up with Kate Kane in the pages of Batwoman!


On Tuesday, we also traveled from here to Eternia as we brought back THE BREAKDOWN to give fans a look at some early He-Man and the Masters of the Universe character designs.


We like unlikely team-ups here at DC, so we’re LOVING the one Marc Andreyko and Robson Rocha are bringing to the pages of DC Universe Presents.


On July 4th we celebrated our nation’s independence, as well as our announcement of Joe Kubert Presents, a new anthology series from the comic book legend.


Thursday brought a new edition of 5.2 Reasons, and a place on the website for fans to talk about how much they’re loving BATMAN: EARTH ONE. Can’t say we blame them.


Speaking of Batman, we also announced our new Batman: Detective Comics creative team. Some fans may want to “chew” on this one for a while…


After that, we broke the news that Action Comics, Batgirl, Justice League Dark and Swamp Thing are getting annuals. Hey wait, is that a Talon we see on the BATGIRL ANNUAL #1 cover?!


Wrapping up the week, even our cats weren't hissing at the announcement that Green Arrow writer Ann Nocenti will also be writing Catwoman starting with issue #0 in September.


Finally, we’re declaring Friday to be Tony S. Daniel day here on First, we broke the news that he’ll be drawing two issues of Justice League (and introducing a classic villain to DC COMICS – THE NEW 52).


Then Tony shared a few thoughts on Comic-Con to help us count down the days to SDCC. And he wasn’t the only DC creator who stopped by. Click to read ruminations on Comic-Con from Gregg Hurwitz, Gail Simone, Adam Glass and Jimmy Palmiotti. And be sure to stop by the DC booth next week to say hi to them if you’re going to the show!


Speaking of Comic-Con, the Week-In-Review will be taking a break next week. But we’re making it up to you with an insane amount of SDCC CON AWAY FROM CON coverage. Be sure to keep an eye on THE SOURCE and all next week and weekend for breaking news, exclusive videos, live panel recaps and more. Have a great weekend and we'll see you in San Diego!