Fans of THE SHADE have already been treated to art by the likes of such fan-favorite artists as Cully Hamner, Darwyn Cooke, Javier Pulido and Jill Thompson. Tomorrow, artist Frazer Irving joins this roster with THE SHADE #9 for a 3-issue arc.


“The Shade was always fun in the original STARMAN comics, but I'd never considered how I would go about drawing him as those characters always seemed to be the playthings of those with a far greater pedigree than mine,” Irving told THE SOURCE. “So when the opportunity arose, I let my instincts guide me. James had populated these issues with some very cosmic and vibrant supporting characters, and there was my hook: the Shade is all dark, almost solid black, yet the retina-searing hues of the antagonists would create an intense contrast so that he would always stand out regardless of the scene. I added a third level of chromatic madness with subdued and even slightly sickly colors for the ‘real world’ scenes to convey the underlying corruption exhibited by the characters that performed there, all of which should ideally evoke very different feelings from the reader as each scene plays out. There are a lot of crazy colors going on in these pages, but that craziness all comes from the disturbed writing of Mr. Robinson, who right now has me drawing scenes that bend the mind into uncomfortable yet oddly compelling shapes. I sometimes think he watches me from the dark corners of my studio as I draw, yet when I turn to look there is nothing save for a few mysterious wisps of dark smoke...”


THE SHADE #9, written by James Robinson and illustrated by Frazer Irving, goes on sale tomorrow. Click here to see an exclusive preview of the issue.