Free Comic Book Day is only two days away, and to help you prepare for it, we reached out to some of our favorite retailers via Twitter and the Web to see if they had any helpful tips. Whether you’re new to FCBD or a seasoned pro, we hope you’ll find them helpful!

“Get to your FCBD Shop early for the best selection!”

All Things Fun! (@allthingsfun)
West Berlin, NJ


“Don't ask if all of the books are free.”

Vigilante Press (@VigilantePress)
Chicago, IL

For those of you who are new to FCBD, not every comic book is free. Only the ones with the FCBD label. Comic shops are usually really good about setting their free comics apart from their normal ones, but if you have any questions, just ask!


“In a few weeks, post signs on your shelves directing customers to books: ‘As Seen On Free Comic Book Day!’”

Alter Ego Comics (@BavarianErin)
Marion, IA

This one’s directed more to retailers than customers, but it brings up a good point. If you pick up something you enjoy on FCBD, don’t be shy about returning to your shop for more. They’ll be happy to help you find it.


“Many stores host creator signings. After you get your free comic haul, be sure to say hello to them, even if you’re not familiar with their work. You never know, you may become a new fan!”

The Comic Bug (@thecomicbug)
Manhattan Beach, CA


“Art Baltazar and Franco from TINY TITANS have their Grand Opening that day. Their store is Aw Yeah Comics.”

Aw Yeah Comics (@awyeahcomics)
Skokie, IL

Art Baltazar and Franco, the creators behind the popular TINY TITANS have a huge day in store for them on May 5th. Not only is it the Grand Opening of their new comic book store, but their upcoming SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES makes its debut in our DC NATION SUPERMAN FAMILY FLIP BOOK. If you live around Skokie, be sure to stop by their new shop, get their free comic and get it signed!