“Dial H has been a really exciting ride all the way.


I'm particularly enjoying the dark but fun tone of the series so far. China is an incredibly imaginative guy and he is bringing his weird fantasy side to the world of superheroes, which is a perfect match for Dial H and I'm loving it. He's taking this simple concept of random heroes to an... well, it's amazing, I think you should see it for yourself!


Artwise, I have a lot of freedom to help with the adaptation of his master writing-- dynamic and at the same time rough, almost horror-like, way of storytelling for comics-- which gives a completely different level of pleasure to work with. Of course I won’t forget the best part that is the chance to create the designs of all these crazy and bizarre heroes that Mr. Miéville is coming up with for every single issue. I'm having a blast with those and I think people will love it just as well.


This is a surreal moment on my career where I get to work with all these legends, like Karen Berger, China and Brian Bolland. You know? When I would think of the idea of having Brian Bolland drawing characters that I designed? I mean, never! Like I said, this is surreal just like Dial H is!”


--Mateus Santolouco