The wait is over, and the war for Gotham City is about to begin. Pitting Batman and the extended Bat-family against the Court of Owls and their sinister agents, the long-awaited Night of the Owls” crossover kicks off this week.


A shadowy secret society with deathless assassins known as Talons to execute its malevolent will, the Court has roots that reach back into Gotham’s deep past – and now this cadre of killers has mounted an all-out assault to exert its influence on the city’s present. It’s the Court of Owls versus the Allies of the Bat to determine once and for all who will rule the shadows of Gotham City.


BATMAN back-up co-writer James Tynion IV discusses the dream job of getting flesh out the Bat-mythology – and the history of the Wayne family, in particular.


I could see the epic size and shape of the story as it began last September. I was devouring every issue waiting to see what might happen next. When Scott offered me the chance to help him build the mythology of the Court with the backups, and help launch "Night of the Owls,” how could I have ever said no? The Court and their Talons are my favorite additions to the Bat-Mythos in ages, with each of those awesome assassins offering a glimpse of Gotham's history. We're launching “Night of the Owls” this week in BATMAN #8, and using the back-up to lead right from the action of the feature into the other Bat-family titles with "The Call.” And with "The Fall of the House of Wayne," Scott and I are exploring the pre-Alfred years at stately Wayne Manor, with some incredible art by Rafael Albuquerque. I can't wait for everyone to check it out.


(Art by Rafael Albuquerque for BATMAN #9)


The “Night of the Owls” begins this week in BATMAN #8 and NIGHTWING #8, exploding across the rest of the Bat-books in May. Stay tuned to The Source all this week for more insights from the architects of this epic event.